Capital Implementation Master Plan

bubbles.pngExecutive Summary

ES.1 Project Background

The West Basin Municipal Water District’s (West Basin) service area encompasses approximately 185 square miles in southwest Los Angeles County.

In addition, West Basin served about 31,861 afy or 28 mgd of recycled water to over 200 customer sites within the service area for landscape irrigation, industrial applications, and seawater intrusion barrier applications. West Basin is planning to expand its recycled water system to continue offsetting potable water demands in its service area and improve overall water supply reliability by reducing dependency on less reliable imported water supplies.

Major capital investments are required to expand and maintain West Basin’s recycled water system to meet expected needs and establish reliable recycled water supply for existing and new recycled water customers through the year 2030.

To define and prioritize the capital improvement projects needed to achieve this goal, West Basin retained Carollo Engineers (Carollo) and team members AKM Consulting Engineers, SPI Technologies, and E.W. Moon, to develop this Capital Implementation Master Plan (CIMP) for recycled water systems.

In addition, West Basin is currently preparing its long-term financial plan that includes a forecast of expenditures for future expansions, repair, replacement, and rehabilitation requirements, and operation and maintenance of the overall recycled water system required to serve approximately 70,000 acre-ft/yr of recycled water by year 2020. This CIMP and the long term financial plan will provide a roadmap for West Basin to achieve its mission of providing reliable water supplies to its customers and the Southern California region, increasing recycled water usage and lessening dependency on imported water supplies.

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