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As a continuation of its leadership and proactive planning approach for water use efficiency, West Basin completed its third Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Data Study in 2019.  The objective of the WUE Data Study is to provide a plan that articulates guiding principles and strategies for West Basin’s WUE programs and services, and facilitates innovation and adaptability given California’s rapidly changing water resources landscape.

The WUE Data Study was developed in close coordination with West Basin staff, local cities, water retailers and environmental groups.  The 2019 Plan focused on the following major areas:

  • Coordination with Stakeholders
  • Proactive Response to Regulatory and Other Drivers for Water Conservation
  • Innovative Analysis of WUE Programs
  • Strategic Recommendations

The WUE Data Study analyzed current programs, changing demographics, new drivers for water efficiency and surveyed the local water retail companies to evaluate their needs to comply with new WUE regulations.

The 2019 WUE Data Study provides West Basin staff with valuable data to develop strategic and targeted programs in coordination with the local cities, water retailers, and other stakeholders.

West Basin is well prepared to use its Plan to develop new programs and strategies that will help meet the state’s future water use efficiency requirements.

Following were the participating stakeholders:

  • West Basin Staff
  • City of Culver City
  • City of El Segundo
  • City of Inglewood
  • City of Lomita
  • City of Malibu
  • City of Manhattan Beach
  • California American Water Company
  • California Water Service Company
  • Golden State Water Company
  • Los Angeles County Waterworks District No. 29
  • Water Replenishment District
  • Metropolitan Water District of Southern Caliofnira
  • South Bay Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation
  • South Bay Cities Council of Governments/South Bay Environmental Services Center

City of InglewoodCity of LomitaCity of Manhattan BeachCalifornia American WaterCalifornia Water Service Co.Golden State Water CompanyLA County Water Works District #29Water Replenishment District

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