Rain Barrels

Rain barrel distribution events will resume in fall 2022. Please sign up here to be added to the program interest list and check back for updates. 

Rain Barrel Program Interest List

Benefits of a Rain Barrel 

  • Rain barrels reduce stormwater runoff by collecting and reusing rain water.
  • Reusing rain water helps save water and money.
  • A rainwater capture feature, such as a rain barrel, is also a requirement for West Basin’s Grass Replacement Rebate Program, which starts at $3 per square foot of grass removed.

Frequently Asked Questions & Other Resources

How Do You Install a Rain Barrel?

What Other Resources are Available?

YouTube has a good collection of videos that explain how to set up and use a rain barrel, how to maintain your barrel, and a variety of other rain barrel-related topics. Other resources, including how to make your own rain barrel, are provided in the dropdown below

The Metropolitan Water District also offers $35 rebates for the purchase of rain barrels. More information can be found at the Metropolitan website.

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